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About Us

Welcome to HOLSOM HARMONY!  Where nutritionists, biologists and chemists meet and work together in harmony as one sole entity with one common purpose: to design and manufacture the best products for people, their health, fitness, strength, and well-being.

It is difficult to convey who we are, and what makes us different, as there many commercial companies out there who jump on the wagon and just blend one ingredient with the other, expecting hopefully and with crossed fingers to obtain monetary results, from this imaginary exercise.

In this sense, we are very different. We are technicians that know how to combine the right ingredients based on their compatibility and to be harmony to produce the expected results. And of course, we are professionals in the field. We don’t just blend, this is easy, misleading and untrustworthy. We manufacture products under strict professional control.

Moreover, we design the products to make them do what they are supposed to do, amongst other things guarantee the bioavailability of the substances included in each formulation, the absorption and the degree of absorption.  So we are not blenders, we are people who know and care about people.

Our facilities are FDA regulated and approved. Some of our products contain time-released ingredients that prevent them from oxidizing before entering to the stream. Otherwise, the substance would go to waste. We are therefore devoted to improve your health and use only holsom macro natural products of vegetable and animal origin. Every single macro and micro ingredient must be in tune with each other and in harmony with our natural habitat and environment. Remember we in Holsom Harmony are people that care about people, and this is what we are all about.